STRIP tokens can also be staked in the NFT farming pool and earn bonuses as special NFTs. The amount of STRIP token to be staked and the duration of harvesting the special NFT depends on the category of the NFT the user picks to farm, i.e., super-rare NFTs will take longer to farm than the less rare NFTs. For instance, to farm a common NFT, the user will have to stake 1 million STRIP tokens, and the user will be able to farm it in sixty days. However, to farm a super-rare NFT, the user will have to stake 2X (2 million STRIP) tokens and obtain the NFT in ninety days.

Alternatively, users can also participate in a rapid farming model whereby they decide to stake more STRIP tokens to farm NFT earlier than its typical farming course set duration. For instance, with the same example, users can farm common NFT in thirty days instead of sixty days by staking more than 2X STRIP tokens. Correspondingly, for other NFT categories, the rapid farming choice will also be equipped.

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