Utility Token

Utility-backed token; Stripto is facilitated by a duel-token economy - eSTRIP (ERC-20) and $STRIP (BEP-20).

Stripto marketplace allows users to use eSTRIP (ERC-20) and $STRIP (BEP-20) token built on Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), respectively. Every STRIP token is fueled with ‘Strip Powers’ that enable users to exclusively unlock the ‘hidden price’ of any NFT product listed on the Stripto marketplace.

Although all products are listed with a ’listing price’, the user has an option to ‘Strip the price’ using STRIP token. Every STRIP token being spent on stripping action brings down the product's price. That means when a user spends STRIP token(s) to unlock the ‘hidden price’ the user not just unlocks the hidden price but also brings the product's price down.

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