NFT Minting & Listing

With Stripto’s integration of the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain, with more upcoming, creators are now free to choose where they mint their NFTs.

NFT Minting:

Stripto Market supports the following NFT token standards:

~ Ethereum: Stripto (ERC-721)

~ Binance Smart Chain: Stripto (BEP-721)

Keep in mind that once you’ve chosen a blockchain, you’ll need to pay for transactions using its native token of the respective blockchain.

We are soon planning to add ERC-1155 support for Ethereum and BSC networks.

NFT Listing:

Stripto is a fully non-custodial NFT marketplace, and the user has total control over all the minted NFTs on the Stripto platform. Also, users can list the minted NFTs on Stripto marketplace. User can also schedule the listing. Moreover, Stripto users can list their assets on more than one marketplace.

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